2803 South Long Beach Blvd,
South Beach Haven NJ 08008
Sunday to Saturday
7am to 9PM
(201) 788-1176
[email protected]


Rinse all dishes before loading them in the dishwasher. When you are ready to wash the loaded dishes, use ONLY automatic dishwasher soap in powder or liquid. Put the soap in the cup on the door of the dishwasher, and then close the door. Choose the desired wash cycle to start the machine. Choose either Heat Dry or No Heat Dry. Be very careful with plastic items, if they are not dishwasher safe, they melt.

Yes, each unit has an outside deck with a Weber gas grill for barbequing.

Our homes are kept in excellent condition. Each unit is professionally cleaned at the end of each week. Guests are expected to do a light cleaning per the lease.

Most of the beach houses in South Beach Haven were built in the early seventies, but many have been completely updated and modernized with brand new appliances, windows, and cabinets. Our beach house is continually maintained to ensure a clean and functional living environment.

Yes, there is a dune walk just steps away.

Yes. Our duplex is located merely feet from the beach. Please refer to our photos of the amazing beach views.

South Beach Haven offers a quiet family atmosphere with wide beaches in close proximity to the bay.

(609) 494-3322

Next year we will have a few more upgrades. We also rent weekends & mid-weeks in late March, April, May, October & November.

Please be sure to leave a guestbook comment in our reviews area. If you’d like to return be sure to send us an email. We receive many requests for both floors. If you’d like to return, reserve early, we suggest by Thanksgiving

If you have any suggestions to make your stay even more enjoyable next time, let us know.

Password is [ to be shared with guests after final payment is received]. The internet tech support is 888 793 9800, option 1, option 1.

As soon as you get on the island, stop at a Wawa, 7/11 or any store for the Sandpaper & Islander newspaper for island happenings. We’ll text you after you check in…We’re available on cell 201 788 1176 or @ [email protected]

If items need repair through wear & tear or if something was accidentally broken, light bulbs out or batteries weak, etc, please phone or email us @ [email protected] so that the items can be addressed promptly. Please don’t wait until you get home to advise us. If you do, then the party following you will have the same issue. We do not make petty deductions, we appreciate the heads up.

2803 South Long Beach Blvd [South Bay Ave] South Beach Haven, NJ 08008. After you come off GSP exit 63 take Route 72 east until it ends, turn right onto Long Beach Blvd & go south approximately 8 miles…We’re on the left. 2803 South Long Beach Blvd…Some maps & GPS devices show us as Bay Avenue. We are approximately six houses past the Sea Spray Motel and just past Marshall Avenue. Parking for upper unit is on the right, beach level on the left.

We have plenty of beach toys. We usually have 4 beach chairs. You may want to bring a beach umbrella. If you lose one of the beach badges, please replace it with a seasonal badge for the next guests checking in.

To help us eliminate having pests invade our home we recommend that you always keep food in the refrigerator or in tightly sealed containers in the cupboards. Clean the countertops often! Spills such as juice, sugar, and crumbs serve as magnets to ants. Please do not leave food on the countertops. You should not eat in bed or leave dirty dishes on the floor or under beds. Do not leave damp or dirty clothing or linens piled up on the floors. This may attract ants. Hang up or dry wet towels and bathing suits

Absolutely no pets, of any kind, are allowed at any time. This is strictly monitored. This will cause forfeiture of your deposit. Any pet found in or around any unit will result in immediate eviction and forfeiture of all rents paid plus charges for any damages that resulted because of pet and carpet cleaning of the entire unit. We can recommend a kennel

This is a no smoking home. Please ensure your guests comply with this as well. No exceptions. The cost for remediating the effects of smoking in the home is very high and will cause you to forfeit your entire security deposit

The units are equipped with stand alone icemakers. From time to time, the units will freeze over. By turning the unit off for a few hours with the door open and turned off (switch is in the front in the lower panel) this will “reset” the unit. Please empty the bin of ice and leave a towel to catch any moisture from the defrosting. We always appreciate it when guests tend to this.

Please do not put food articles in the drains. If a plumber has to be called it costs us $75. Recent water testing results confirm that the drinking water is very safe.

The washing machine is a full size high efficiency one…uses half the detergent. Please empty clothing of coins, etc. before washing & rinse excess sand off outside the house. The washing machine pump will clog otherwise. Repair bill is $200. For the Dryer, turn the dial to normal for towels, sheets, jeans, etc. Permanent press cycle can be used for T-shirts and anything that gets wrinkled easily. There is also an air drying cycle if needed. To turn the dryer on, push or turn the start button gently. The washer has a “catch” that holds the door open. Do not force it closed. Follow instructions located on washer for use. The front loading washers sometimes give off a mildew odor, it is suggested that the door be left open for a few hours to dry out any water that may remain in the door.

Some doors have locks on the inside of the room. If for some reason a door is locked from the inside and you cannot get in, there is a key above one of the bedroom doors in the hallway.

The fire extinguisher is located next to the stove. Smoke detector is on the living room ceiling in front of the TV and the carbon monoxide detector is above the full bathroom door. Please be sure you see a flashing light indicating that the battery is strong.

The temperature setting (thermostat) needs to be set between 72-78 degrees at all times. Bedroom and bathroom doors should be left open when these rooms are not in use. The sliding door and windows should stay closed when A/C is running. DO NOT TURN THE A/C UNIT DOWN BELOW 70 DEGREES. This will freeze the unit! To repair the A/C unit may cost up to $500. The system controls need to be set on auto and the temperature gauge on cool. NEVER set the control on (ON). All this does is run the fan, it will not cool the beach house. If you will be out for the day, please raise the A/C setting or lower the heat minimally. We want you to be comfortable, conserve where it makes sense. Please be sure not to make any sudden up & down changes to the thermostat. It will cause the AC unit to malfunction.

The Long Beach township rules regarding parking vehicles must be followed by all guests. No RV’s or Campers are allowed. In the event we are fined by the township for a guest failing to comply, we will deduct the fine from your deposit. Upper unit- parking on the south side (right), beach level unit – parking is on the north side (left).

Please remember to bring your kitchen and bath towels as well as your bed linens. The bedroom configuration is king, queen, two twins, queen sleeper sofa. The beds have pillows and bed spreads. You should also bring paper towels for the kitchen and bathroom tissue. There is an ironing board in the twin bedroom. The Boardwalk rents cribs, bikes, etc. 609 492-3298 www.theboardwalklbi.com For linen rentals try www.bedbathlinenrentals.com or www.lbidreammakers.com

Please use plastic garbage bags to place your trash in. Seal the bags tightly and place in the outdoor garbage area as often as practical. Please be sure that the lids are on securely. The town will fine us if lids are not secured. Sea gulls will create a mess if lids are not on. All trash & recyclables should be taken out of the house[containers are located on the north side of the house by the street] and separated into paper (cardboard, newspaper, etc.) garbage, plastic, glass, aluminum and metal cans {can be comingled}. The garbage men will not take the garbage if these procedures are not followed. No plastic bags should be in the paper or recyclable containers.

The guests are responsible for doing your own laundry and a light cleaning of the beach house. Please do not adjust the settings on the refrigerator. If you raise the temperature to the highest setting, the refrigerator will actually stop cooling. This is a classic mistake that some guests make.

We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  To safeguards your items, please be sure to lock all doors and windows upon leaving each day.  We will make every effort to return items that are left behind.  We will ask for postage reimbursement and a reasonable handling charge.

We must have time to get the beach house ready for the next guests.  The housekeeper will arrive around 10:30am to start cleaning.  Check-out time is promptly at 10:30am.  Later departure may not be possible if there is a guest arriving the same day you are departing.  If you are planning on leaving earlier than 10:30am, it would be really appreciated if you would send me a text so that we can alert the housekeeper.  We ask that you leave the home in the same manner in which you found it.  The dishes should be washed [please don’t leave dishes in the dishwasher or drain board].  A light vacuuming, sweeping is expected. Refrigerator should be left empty & clean.   If mattress pads or bedspreads need to be washed, please do not start a load and then leave for the housekeeper.  Please do not place bed spreads in the closets.   Also check that all windows and the slider door are locked.  If the windows are left open or unlocked and it rains this will lead to damage to the painted walls, etc.  The air conditioning should be set to 75 degrees or heat to 55.  If you used the grill, please clean it well–there is an extra tank either under the stairs or in the storage bin. Please exchange the empty tank(s) in town at the Seven Eleven if you run out…we will reimburse you with a receipt–please don’t leave the guests checking in after you without propane. Check for personal belongings in all drawers, closets, under beds. Make sure you haven’t forgotten your cell phone or camera charger.  Ceiling  fans & lights off.  Patio umbrella down & secured {in a heavy wind, the umbrella will break[cost $300+].  Straighten all deck furniture.  Return all interior furniture to the way you found it–per the lease, furniture should not be moved.  Return 6 beach badges to container by the sliding door.  Beach chairs/toys should be rinsed free of sand. Remember to return the key to the lockbox at the time of your departure.  Failure to do so will result in a $90 locksmith charge that will be deducted from your security deposit.

For our upper unit guests, parking is on the right side (south) and the key lockbox is located [ to be shared with guests after final payment is received]. The code for the lockbox will be located on the subject line of an email sent two weeks before you check in. The stairs on the right side lead to a slider on the oceanfront side to enter the home. Our beach level unit guests park on the left side (north) and access the key lockbox [to be shared with guests after final payment is received]. The stairs on the left side lead to a slider on the oceanfront side to enter the home. Check-in time is 2 or 2:30PM depending on the home, unless otherwise pre-arranged. Should you need assistance at any time, please do not hesitate to call us @ 201 788-1176. We will be happy to answer your questions and take care of any issues you may have during your stay.

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